April; First round of 17-0-0 fertilizer with Dimension - crabgrass control
May; Second round of 17-0-0 fertilizer with Dimension - crabgrass control
June; First round of Allectus - lawn insect control
July; 25-0-5 slow release summer fertilizer blend
August; Second round of Allectus - lawn insect control
September; Seeding and aerating, 18-24-12 fertilizer if seeding, 25-0-5 fertilizer if not seeding
October; Calcium Lime application
November; 24-0-10 lawn winterizer

March; Spring cleanup, trimming touch up & Dormant oil treatment
April; First round of weed preemergence, Spring shrub ferilizer & Deep root injections for Japanese Beetles
May; Plant annuals, Deadhead flowering shrubs & remove spent bulbs, Summer oil treatment for ornamentals
June; Second round of weed preemergence, Shrub insect control sprays and deep root injections
July; Full trimming and pruning, weeding if needed
October; Remove spent annuals, plant Winter annuals or Spring Flowering Bulbs, Fall shrub fertilizer

November/December; Fall cleanup, cut back perennials & Anti-desiccant treatment for evergreens.

 Lawn Maintenance Schedule 

 Landscape & Garden Maintenance Schedule

We use many different chemicals to control weeds depending on the weeds to be controlled and temperature. Weed control can be applied as a blanket or spot treatment, and is used throughout the season as needed.

 These schedules are basic guidelines we follow. Actual work will be done based on current conditions and Rutgers Cooperative Extension guidelines. Additional applications may be made without notice if conditions warrant. Such as if a pest or disease outbreak occurs, to keep turf and landscape actively growing or for color.

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